Bullying and Whistleblowing Policy

1. Introduction

South Wales Medical Services (SWMS) is committed to maintaining a respectful and inclusive work environment where all employees are treated with dignity and respect. This Bullying and Whistleblowing Policy outlines our stance against bullying, harassment, and retaliation, as well as our commitment to providing avenues for reporting concerns and protecting whistleblowers.

2. Bullying and Harassment

2.1. SWMS prohibits all forms of bullying, harassment, and disrespectful behavior in the workplace, regardless of the individual’s position or role within the organization.

2.2. Bullying and harassment include any unwelcome behavior, verbal, written, or physical, that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for another person.

2.3. Employees are encouraged to report any incidents of bullying or harassment promptly to their supervisor, manager, or the designated HR representative.

2.4. SWMS will promptly investigate all reports of bullying and harassment and take appropriate corrective actions, which may include disciplinary measures up to and including termination.

3. Whistleblowing

3.1. SWMS is committed to fostering a culture of transparency and ethical behavior. We encourage employees, contractors, and business partners to report any concerns or suspicions of wrongdoing, unethical behavior, or violations of laws, regulations, or company policies.

3.2. Whistleblowing is the act of reporting such concerns without fear of retaliation.

4. Reporting Procedures

4.1. Concerns or suspicions can be reported through the following channels:

  • Directly to the employee’s supervisor, manager, or department head.
  • Human Resources department.
  • Anonymously through a designated confidential reporting mechanism (e.g., a whistleblower hotline or online reporting tool).

5. Protection for Whistleblowers

5.1. SWMS is committed to protecting whistleblowers from any form of retaliation, including but not limited to discrimination, harassment, demotion, suspension, or termination.

5.2. Whistleblowers who report in good faith will not face adverse consequences, provided the report is made honestly and without malicious intent.

6. Investigation and Follow-up

6.1. All reports will be thoroughly investigated in a fair, objective, and confidential manner.

6.2. Whistleblowers will be informed of the outcome of the investigation to the extent that confidentiality and legal constraints allow.

7. False Reports

7.1. Making false reports with malicious intent is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

8. Confidentiality

8.1. SWMS will treat all whistleblower reports with the utmost confidentiality to the extent allowed by law and the necessity of conducting a proper investigation.

9. Non-Retaliation

9.1. SWMS strictly prohibits retaliation against individuals who report concerns or participate in investigations in good faith.

10. Communication and Training

10.1. SWMS will communicate this policy to all employees, contractors, and business partners and provide training on bullying, harassment, and whistleblowing matters.

11. Review and Update

11.1. SWMS will periodically review and update this policy to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.

12. Conclusion

SWMS is dedicated to providing a safe and respectful work environment for all individuals associated with the organization. This policy reflects our commitment to addressing and preventing bullying, harassment, and unethical behavior, while providing a platform for individuals to report concerns without fear of retaliation.


Simon Garratt
Managing Director
18th August 2023